storage2Are you going home for a prolonged amount of time? Maybe you’ve got too much furniture and you don’t have the space to store it?

Suzy’s Secure Storage is the option for you. Our storage facility is based in Alcalali and gives you the peace of mind to store items of the up-most importance with us. Our secure options work around you. Simply tell us what the items are and we can arrange a pick up service to come to your home and take these items away.

Coming back to the area? It couldn’t be easier, just give us a call again and our team who speak English,  will return the furniture in the same excellent condition we took it from you. Our team will also rebuild and set up your furnishings how you want and where you like.

Our storage is not only secure but reasonably priced as well. depending on the amount, size and shape of your items. Get in contact now for your bespoke quote or call Marc on 675 199 574.

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